4th Industrial Revolution for the United Kingdom

Professor Juergen Maier of Siemens gave an introduction speech at the Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo last April.  Professor Maier is an enthusiastic advocate for 4th Industrial Revolution for the United Kingdom (Industry 4.0) and the benefits it can bring to British industry. At NJMC we found ourselves agreeing with everything he said. If industry embraces the 4th Industrial Revolution  the United Kingdom it could to drive the country’s manufacturing industry forward with renewed vigour. If we adopt the technology rapidly the greater the investment in more manufacturing that will be taking place in the United Kingdom. The emerging technologies of the Industry 4.0 plays to the strengths of this nation, and they are our creatively and inventiveness.  It also helps us with our greatest weakness, which is productivity.


Bring Manufacturing Back to the United Kingdom

The more we automate the manufacturing processes, coupled with real-time process monitoring and re-engineering, the more we will see radical improvements in cost efficiency, accuracy and productivity. This will allow work to move back to the UK from low-wage economies, strengthening the United Kingdom supply chain and building new jobs. We have the opportunity for the UK to be a leader in the development of digital technologies themselves, in areas where we already have strength, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality.

But the adoption and application of technology is not consistent across all industrial sectors. Although the United Kingdom is well placed to do so, thanks to its rapidly growing digital sector, it is not currently capitalising on that potential advantage. If we applied these technologies in a co-ordinated and strategic way in an industrial setting in medium and small businesses the benefits would be considerable. There are many reasons why we are not leveraging our obvious strengths of course, but one is a culture of being risk adverse, a problem compounded by poor project realisation rates.


How Can NJMC Help Your 4IR Transformation?

NJM Consulting believe that low success rates, and low rates of benefits realisation in projects are directly related to many British businesses being reluctant to invest in the development and deployment of new technologies.

Making better decisions about project portfolios, and making sure that they properly aligned to the strategic objectives of an organisation, can significantly improve success AND de-risk projects. Where companies feel that they do not have the in-house abilities to manage Industry 4.0 projects, they can tap the services of the likes of NJM Consulting. We can bring in the programme management skills, with the latest tools – think of us as a turn-key solution ready to go!


Programme Management Office Packaged to Support 4th Industrial Revolution

We bring with us everything that is needed along with wide industry awareness. We also never neglect the employees of businesses undergoing change. For the benefits of change to be fully realised a business needs to fully include them. Our resource management tool can transform how you manage and allocate your resources, keeping them stimulated, interested and in the right place at the right time. Giving them a stake and voice can really bring out the hidden creatives in any organisation.

To help you realise the full benefits of your project portfolio (hyperlinks to NJMC site added):

  1. Strategic portfolio planning and optimisation.
  2. Project prioritisation.
  3. Programme and project management service.
  4. Resource planning, modelling and management.
  5. Institutional memory service.


Partnerships Equal Strength, Range & Agility

With our various partnerships, we can further extend the range of services we offer. We improve strategic alignment and project selection to filter out those most likely to fail and identify risks to be mitigated. We can support supply chain decisions to reduce fruitless expenditure. Our agency partners allow us to provide key high-end 4th Industrial Revolution / IoT resources with experience as well as development, testing and certification, business process and numerous technical service solutions. Other partners give us the ability to purchase in a wide range services from Cloud provision, data centre and mobility solutions.


NJMC; Differentiated by our Industry Awareness

Our industry awareness programme keeps our staff circulating through universities, industry events, site visits, expos, technology events . We consider that our knowledge of emerging technology and it’s applications through this programme is a key differentiation. Coupled with our IoT network of contacts, if we do not know something we know someone who does!

NJMC; Let’s Talk

We would like to help you manage your technology projects and fully realise their benefits to your organisation and to the UK economy as a whole. Talking to us will cost you nothing more than a little of your time and we could make your project work better.

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